When l remember living in the US, it comes to mind all the wonderful people who helped my heart feel welcomed and appreciated just for being there. That makes me believe, and makes me wonder. Even if someone I do not like, nor did I imagine could, has become their president. I hold some hope  that this will turn out to be a  chance to stand for what we all believe, and a moment when our kindness and bravery will meet to grant others a voice others might force to silence. Fear cannot be the new value in America, and hate is  not going to be her new future. I truly wonder how fear, ignorance, or hate made their way through many people. All I choose to have faith on  right now  is LOVE.

A friend has said something about democracy, others have complained about the system or about the stupidity and bigotry; some might feel disappointed, despaired, baffled or angry. Today I truly hope my friends will not  give up. lt has always been your choice of loving, caring, welcoming, and understanding what has made America great. Your faces come to mind, and I smile with hope, so you do not quit being yourselves.  It was you whose table I always had a place at, it was your words what helped me get through the roughest times, it was your voice where I found echo to my thoughts,  and It was your heart where my feelings found a beautiful light. Let us not forget that.

Please remain strong because there are many reasons to keep fighting, and you all can truly make a difference. I know what it feels when the system fails, and our  expectations are not  met by our reality. There may come days of confusion, or pain, or fear. Do not give in to despair and fear: I know your are greater than a broken heart or an appealed mind.

Now more than ever it is up to those who love, those who choose to believe. People who get up early and know they live for a reason.  People who can look t someone’s eyes and find themselves in them. People who use their power to liberate and empower others. And I also know that you all will respond to that calling, and act in consonance. This is not just a dreamy babbling. I have seen you growing conscience, and changing reality. It may start at small scale, but does not all begin small unfit it grows big?

With all my love and hope,

Otilio Ramón