While listening to a radio station in Kalamazoo I suddenly realized it wasn’t nostalgia for K what I had, but sadness and concern about most of what is happening with the world lately. How is it that we, humans, are so mean to one another? The more I think about it, the more confused I grow. It’s got nothing to do with Whom I believe, or whether or not something can be done to put a stop to all madness and pain bubbling all over the place. It’s more like a gripe to human kind. I don’t feel hopeless, but it’s hard not to. Only my faith holds me up. Faith and hope.

Faith that we are much better than all this; that we can and must turn our hearts -or turn to our hearts and LISTEN for once. I sometimes feel like very few people stop and listen carefully what their hearts tell them. Otherwise, the world would be a better place, we would be inheriting a different situation to our little ones. I see many kids I love growing in the middle of tension, hatred, ferocious competence, destroyed values and stupid discussions… nothing is said about love, care, brotherhood, loyalty, and faith. Nonetheless, there are so many cracks in this horrid system, it makes me keep up my spirit. When I see a child smiling, people showing affection and care in so many ways, people enjoying what they are doing and devoting themselves to it, and those crazy who have given themselves up for everyone… I feel my faith renewed.

That gives me hope. I hope we can see a day when the world would be as one, when language is used only to really develop bridges and not confusion;  when children can run freely anywhere in the world, growing in peace and grace; when we look at each other’s eyes without distrust or fear or hate; when we see how our world is a lovely home we can all share without having to pay the rent to a few blind people trying to “guide us to progress”; when we all know that we can trust our hearts and smile to the world with its joys and sorrows. I hope to help make that world a reality even though I perfectly know it is not on my hands to change the world. That crazy is my hope.

And that is how I came to notice we are altogether in this. So, there is very little to miss when you know all those wonderful people you shared a moment of your life still live inside your heart, and they also help you remain strong in times like these. Kalamazoo College 2007-08 was definitely a marvelous year because of the people I got to meet. Some still keep touch, others, I see through a blue window now and then; others, I have definitely lost track, but keep them in my prayer as well… Here I am. I’m listening to Kalamazoo Radio -now slightly grinning- and rather than reminiscing or missing, I’m wishing they all are happy, plentiful of life and joy, growing and blooming among those lucky ones who are around them. And I know my wish is granted because I am that crazy as well. 

In the end, gray skies are passing… someday we’ll contemplate the sunshine above our blessed heads, heating our hearts with sweet, sweet love, peace and grace.